Moody synth-pop with rich harmonies and electro-acoustic beats

DATENITE began in 2016 as a duo which quickly became a collaborative trio, and later quartet. DATENITE blends classical vocal and piano training with an expressive and groovy rhythm section, which adds a danceable and playful feeling to songs that often start out as somber singer-songwriter material. Through many different seasons and iterations, the goal of DATENITE remains the same: create songs that make people embrace their feelings, while also wanting to dance.


"Lonesome Blues is sophisticated and thoughtful. Rich vocals duel playfully with a tender but tricky arrangement, with Hamilton’s percussion providing a sense of strength and to a track that lyrically lays on feelings of fragility and longing."

Electronic North


"Every once in a while you get that electric butterfly sensation in your gut when you hear a bands music for the first time. You know you've stumbled upon something, your ears perk up and you pay attention."

Rain City Collective



Seattle, WA, USA

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